You’re hired! Joined Up Careers Derbyshire has established a ground-breaking apprenticeship scheme.

Partner organisations from across the NHS and local government are running a ground-breaking apprenticeship scheme, giving people an exciting insight into the world of health and social care.

The first 15-month apprenticeship scheme was launched in 2018 with apprentices concluding their involvement in early 2020. The positions were hosted by Derbyshire County Council and University Hospitals of Derby and Burton. It is one of the first times in the country that an apprenticeship scheme has been run linking together health and social care, offering such a wide variety of workplace experiences and care opportunities.

YouTube has a video of two of the first successful apprentices talking about their experiences.

The second apprenticeship scheme launched in September 2020. The successful candidates are working in a variety of different placements from care homes to community health facilities and hospitals, as well as benefitting from regular support and training.

“The integrated health and social care apprenticeship is an innovative programme that enables apprentices to develop a wide range of skills that can be utilised across the sector, whilst also giving them the opportunity to experience a wide range of  services. The apprenticeship has also been a fantastic opportunity for providers across Derbyshire and Derby City to work collaboratively, to share best practice and to increase the quality and efficiency of the system as a whole.”

Lauren Adkin, Wider Workforce Co-ordinator, Derbyshire Community Health Services and Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Reporting on the success of our first apprentices

Joined Up Careers Derbyshire commissioned an external company to evaluate the first cohort of our integrated health and social care apprentices.

The report commented: "The scheme aims to raise the profile of careers within the sector and to secure a workforce of an adequate size and with the required skills needed to meet current and future health and social care needs, particularly in social care... Many of the intended outcomes and impacts of the scheme were ambitious, large-scale and longer-term... 

"The scheme made a number of key achievements over the pilot period, providing evidence of the commitment of local health and social care organisations to work together to develop and implement the scheme. For example, delivery partners were engaged to recruit and employ apprentices, deliver training and host placements and they signed up to joint working protocols."

The full report, produced by Cordis Bright, is available here.