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New career development tool

An easy-to-use, specially designed career development tool has been developed for allied health professionals (AHPs) to support them on their career journey. The tool has been set up by Joined Up Careers Derbyshire, the AHP Council and the University of Derby. This resource sets out the four pillars of advanced clinical practice, to support coaching conversations and career development, and helps individuals measure progress and take action to develop. 

With this career development tool, you can:

  • Review yourself against the four pillars of clinical practice, from novice to expert
  • Receive an initial assessment and a more in-depth skills review
  • Receive a report of the skills assessment using a radar graph, along with recommendations and guidance for next steps

Remember this tool is for all AHP staff irrespective of your position and banding. Managers and leaders are encouraged to make time and space to support their staff in helping to shape and plan their development needs more easily.  These conversations may fit in with an appraisal or a 1:1 discussion. You will be asked to provide information about your role, length of time working in the profession, and ethnicity. This information will be used for monitoring usage and to help us understand if there are any disproportionately under-represented groups. 



Occupational Therapist

Operating Department Practitioner







Speech and language therapist

Step to work

Step to work is a free e-learning programme for AHPs as they move from university/training to their first role as a qualified professional.

The programme consists of eight short learning sessions focusing on:

  1. Positive appraisal of learning
  2. Personal wellbeing at work
  3. Characteristics of everyday work as an allied health professional
  4. Understanding the different systems that shape everyday work
  5. Ethics, accountability and decision making
  6. Developing and working in an inclusive environment
  7. Building positive relationships with patients
  8. Sustaining change and responsiveness


Across Joined Up Care Derbyshire, there are four NHS trusts which directly employ AHPs as well as social care organisations. Most of these organisations provide preceptorship for newly qualified staff, staff moving organisations, staff moving in from another country or returning to practice after some time away.

Preceptorship is about providing the support and training you need to be a fully confident and competent practitioner.  During your first year (or more) most new starters are provided with:

  • A preceptor/mentor to provide close support and guidance (in addition to your manager/team lead)
  • A programme of workshops/training specifically for new starters
  • Access to mental health and wellbeing support

The organisations in Derbyshire which employ AHPs and offer support to new starters include:

  • Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Derby City Council
  • Derbyshire Community Health Services
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
  • University Hospitals of Derby and Burton

The Derbyshire AHP Faculty has a list of resources for AHP preceptors and general career development resources.

Our partners


Derbyshire County Council

Derby City Council