Allied health professionals (AHPs) form the third largest clinical workforce in health and social care in England. They provide high quality care to patients and clients across a wide range of care pathways and in a variety of settings that include, hospitals, community, the independent and charitable sectors and schools. They work in health promotion to prevent accident or illness, they are active in treatment and rehabilitation and they promote self-help and independence.

Visit the NHS England website to see details of all the 14 AHP roles.

New career development tool

An easy-to-use, specially designed career development tool has been developed for allied health professionals (AHPs) to support them on their career journey.

The career and professional development online tool has been launched by Joined Up Careers Derbyshire, the AHP Council and the University of Derby.

This new resource sets out the four pillars of advanced clinical practice, to support coaching conversations and career development, and helps individuals measure progress and take action to develop. 

With this career development tool, you can:

  • Review yourself against the four pillars of clinical practice, from novice to expert
  • Receive an initial assessment and a more in-depth skills review
  • Receive a report of the skills assessment using a radar graph, along with recommendations and guidance for next steps. This can act as a spring board opportunity for you to have a conversation with your manager, coach, mentor or workforce development team.

Remember this tool is for all AHP staff irrespective of your position and banding. Managers and leaders are encouraged to make time and space to support their staff in helping to shape and plan their development needs more easily.  These conversations may fit in with an appraisal or a 1:1 discussion.

You will be asked to provide information about your role, length of time working in the profession, and ethnicity. This information will be used for monitoring usage and to help us understand if there are any disproportionately under-represented groups. 

View the AHP career development tool.

View the AHP profession videos

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