A new career role linking up health and social care in Derbyshire is being developed by Joined Up Careers Derbyshire.

The new Integrated Support Worker role is set to be introduced in three areas of Derbyshire once partner organisations have more fully worked up the details of the role.

The initiative is being led by Joined Up Care Derbyshire, the representative network of NHS organisations and local authorities in Derby and Derbyshire focused on supporting staff recruitment and retention.

This new hybrid role, once in place, will enable better integration between health and social care services and support organisations in areas where they have traditionally had ‘hard-to-fill’ roles.

The new Integrated Support Workers will be deployed in ‘Place Alliances’ in Derbyshire where organisations are already working closer together to provide services that best meet local needs.

The introduction of this new integrated role follows on from the successful health and care apprenticeship scheme run by Joined Up Careers Derbyshire, helping people get a start in a new caring career. 

Susan Spray, programme lead for Joined Up Careers Derbyshire, said: “We are all very excited about the potential of the new Integrated Support Worker role. We believe that these person-centred positions will provide a better care solution for local residents and help free up time for other clinical professionals to respond to more complex cases. They will help in joining up health and care services, are set to provide higher levels of job satisfaction, and will help in reducing costs to the health and care sector.”

Details of the new role are currently being finalised prior to a recruitment period in due course.

It is envisaged that job responsibilities will be similar to the national enhanced care worker standard where a care worker is upskilled to provide enhanced clinical support to support a registered nurse by undertaking clinical tasks, either independently or assisting the nurse, including simple wound care, taking blood pressure, and developing care plans.