Volunteer stewards

We would like to thank everyone who has registered with Derbyshire Community Health Services to support our vaccination sites as a volunteer steward. Your support and commitment has been critical in the running of the vaccination sites across Derbyshire. Due to the overwhelming response to the campaign for this role we have placed a temporary pause on this vacancy.

As our needs change across the coming weeks and months, we may re-open this vacancy and we would welcome your offer of support; if you would like to join our reserve list please email: dchst.stewards@nhs.net and the team will record your details and will be in touch when we are in a position to increase our volunteer steward roles.  

Thank you, 

The People Hub

Call to Arms – resourcing the Covid-19 vaccinations

Towards the end of 2020, the Derbyshire Health and Care People Hub, part of Joined Up Careers Derbyshire, launched a campaign to create a pool of people willing to support the health and social care workforce during the pandemic.

The campaign, called Call to Arms, called for expressions of interest from registered health and care professionals and the general public to help support the vaccination programme in Derby and Derbyshire with the Covid-19 vaccine.

We were overwhelmed with the number of expressions of interest received and want to thank everyone who got in touch and provided their details.

The People Hub has been processing the expressions of interest as quickly as possible and we thank everyone for their patience as we continue to work through this. The video that was produced at the start of the campaign is shown below. 

New round of applications invited

At the start of January 2021, we paused the initial invite for general expressions of interest in Call to Arms but are now opening up applications to specific roles.

These roles in the Covid-19 vaccination programme are primarily based at our Mass Vaccination site at Derby Arena (Derby Arena, Royal Way, Derby, DE24 8JB) which operates a seven-day vaccination service.

We do support the primary care networks across Derbyshire at multiple vaccination sites based in GP practices, hospitals and leisure centres when these sites are in operation. Hours will be flexible based on availability/need. The roles are being recruited to by the People Hub (employed by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust as lead employer).

We are seeking to fill roles for:

  • Registered Health Care Professionals (RHCP)
  • Health Care Assistants (HCA)
  • Admin and Clerical Support

If you would like to register your support for any one of the roles above please complete this form and email it to: DCHST.Covidvolunteers@nhs.net

Details about the specific requirements of these roles are shown in the links below.

Registered health care professionals

We are encouraging registered health care professionals to contact us to help support the Covid-19 vaccination programme. You may be looking for additional hours or a professional seeking to return to practice.

Registered health care professionals are responsible for vaccination drawing-up and patient clinical assessment prior to the vaccination, as well as, subject to the precise role, delivery of the vaccination itself.

The role may include:

  • Multiple activities such as: clinical assessment, dilution and drawing-up of the vaccine from multi-dose vials and additional clinical support
  • Enable the delivery of vaccinations to all eligible citizens by assisting with the overall co-ordination of the site activity and day-to-day delivery of the vaccination programme
  • Ensure clinic rooms and equipment are available at the start of each session
  • Clinical assessment and administer the Covid-19 vaccine to citizens as per the standard operating procedure
  • Confirm the identity of the citizen and the agreement of undertaking vaccination, addressing any concerns
  • Ensure that the vaccination is conducted in line with the citizen’s condition (encourage standing position or provide seating option if necessary)
  • Administer vaccines into the citizen’s deltoid (upper arm) in accordance with training and local and national policies, procedures and standards
  • Ensure that citizens are directed to the post-vaccination observation area 
  • Once the vaccination is delivered, dispose clinical and non-clinical waste in bins provided at the station and ensure surfaces are wiped down 
  • Wear adequate PPE equipment in line with current national guidelines
  • Recognise and respond as needed to any medical emergency or complications during vaccinations
  • Respond to queries appropriately and liaise where necessary to gain further advice or information.

Health care assistants

We are encouraging health care assistants to contact us to help support the Covid-19 vaccination programme. Health care assistants will be involved in supporting the vaccination activity and sanitisation, working closely with the vaccinator and post-vaccination observation volunteers.

The role may include:

  • Support with the configuration of the vaccination station, ensuring the availability of initial consumables, waste receptacles, trolleys and vaccines 
  • Be familiar with Patient Group Directives for the vaccination 
  • Support vaccinator with the disposal of any clinical and non-clinical waste and change of PPE 
  • Ensure waste control and sanitisation of the vaccination area 
  • Ensure waste control and sanitisation of the post-vaccination observation area 
  • Support with the storage, transportation and delivery of vaccines and equipment (e.g. collect and return vaccines to storage areas, ensure disposal of used clinical equipment)
  • Ensure strict data and patient record confidentiality. 

Admin support

We are encouraging administrators to contact us to help support the Covid-19 vaccination programme. Admin staff will be responsible for providing admin support (data recording) to the vaccination activity inside the centres, working closely with the vaccinator. 

The role may include:

  • Provide administrative support to the vaccination site’s staff
  • Ensure all paperwork has been provided pre-vaccination by the citizen, check identity and confirm vaccine details (type, date, time, dose) 
  • Maintain, request and transfer confidential patient records, ensuring they are stored in an accurate and secure filing system. Adhere to confidentiality as per the site’s policy
  • Prepare citizen for the vaccination (e.g. have their arm ready) 
  • Direct citizen to the post-vaccination waiting area 
  • Record vaccine stock when removed or returned to fridge and to report low stock levels for vaccines, stationery and clinical equipment 
  • Report low vaccine stock to maintain appropriate levels, checking expiry dates and recording wastage
  • Record vaccination event and mark completion; if for any reason the vaccination hasn’t been completed, record that information along with the reason 
  • Coordinate and maintain communication with team members about routine and daily activities including rotas, contacting clinical staff, updating systems and other duties 
  • Provide non-clinical advice, information to patients/clients and relatives when necessary 
  • Assist with data collection activities by ensuring records are up-to-date
  • Assist in ordering, receiving, storing and transporting vaccines in accordance with Management Medicines Policy